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Alain Nguyen is a first year understudy who contributes excessively essentialness at uni and has called it home. Precisely when he’s not at uni he’s presumably eating some place in some byway bistro or well ordered advancing toward getting his P’s.

Over the past semester, you may have seen a critical metal structure being worked near to the Baillieu Library. More settled understudies will survey the “old” Arts West that was beat down… But lo and see we at introduce have “another” Arts West! The running with is a guide for everybody who has classes there or needs elsewhere to study and chill at uni.

Classes have begun yet the official opening isn’t until September. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean you can’t enter. The building has six stories despite a storm cellar address theater (Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theater) that has been held from the old Arts West. We should start the guide beginning there.

The address theater has been repaired and now wears a respectable orange shimmer to it. It is the best address theater in the uni with a staggering 506 seats. There are in like way toilets and treat machines masterminded down there.


The Atrium or Ground Floor is the lead put where individuals will more then likely party. There are think about locales, an understudy kitchen, the M-ASS (Melbourne Arts Student Society) office and lines of safe PC/telephone charging lockers that are allowed to access for the present. There is additionally the Arts West show which hasn’t opened yet.

ground floor

The First Floor houses the Forum Theater, some demonstrating rooms and study tables (one by the stairs and another by the theater).

first floor

The Second Floor has all the all the all the more demonstrating rooms, some “question rooms”, the media laband more examination zones. Regardless, the most striking segment of this floor is that there are beanbags! A mind boggling spot to finish several readings (read: rest!).

second floor

The Third Floor has more examination tables (again control point particularly organized), a “natural film space”, and in addition teaching rooms.

third floor

The Fourth Floor looks like exchange floors yet meanwhile is the place the Faculty of Arts’ School of Historical and Philosophical Studies is found. There is a superb report region that has a Be fast to snatch that spot!

fourth floor

The Fifth Floor has the examination loosen up and the West Terrace. By and by, it is dim if these areas will be limited yet until the moment that moreover observe there are loosen up seats and a kitchenette for your necessities. Outside, there is a grand perspective of the uni and past. There is a little garden, two or three seats and tables yet it can get to an incredible degree nippy out there.

fifth floor

The Sixth Floor houses for the most part instructive staff workplaces.

All floors interface with the “North Wing” where there are workplaces and spaces utilized by the school. Another vital segment of the Arts West building is the methods by which classrooms are spread out. Some are smooth and recurring pattern sorts of the instructional exercise stay with warming, conventional lighting and swivel seats. These are called Project Rooms or Collaborative Learning Rooms.

Furthermore, there are the “Lectorial” spaces which resemble a mix of instructional exercise rooms and address theaters. On one last note, scattered all through the building are, standing work spaces that all have control focuses with them in the event that you are in a flood or need it for your position.

enunciations west

Since you have an essential structure of the Arts West building, let us see what you think about the new building. Will you visit it?

Updated: September 7, 2018 — 9:27 am

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