Jatin Das is an Indian painter

Jatin Das is an Indian painter, stone carver, capable visual craftsman, muralist and writer. He is tallied among the most innovative craftsmen of India. Father of Nandita Das, an acclaimed performing artist, Jatin has contributed eagerly to the field of Indian craftsmanship in the course of the most recent 50 years. Beneficiary of the lofty Padma Bhushan Award, he is a standout amongst the most regarded Indian craftsmen. His unmatched enthusiasm towards craftsmanship and his non-materialistic mentality has separate him from other contemporary craftsmen. He is one craftsman who regularly derides the supposed business that has crawled into the universe of workmanship and that which is changing the substance of craftsmanship itself. An once eager exhibitor of his craftsmanships, Jatin Das is presently mulling over on throwing in the towel with regards to parading his works.

Adolescence and Early Life

Jatin Das was conceived in the year 1941 in the Mayurbhanj region of Orissa. He was brought up in a working class Bengali family. All through his youth, he was presented to workmanship as music as in those days the simple method for adoring gods was through music. Having been raised in a climate where music was a lifestyle, a youthful Jatin developed into turning into an enormous music darling. To such an extent, that amid his stay in Bombay, he would spend a significant number of his evenings tuning in to shows held by maestros like Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. From 1957 to 1962, Jatin got preparing from Professor S.B. Palsikar in the field of craftsmanship at the acclaimed Sir J. J. School of Art in Bombay. Not long after in the wake of finishing his training, he began his artistic creation vocation.


Jatin Das showed his works at the recently opened display of his specialty school in the year 1962. This was his first among numerous such shows that would take after later on in his vocation. Subsequent to picking up certainty from his first show, he thenbegan taking an interest in different craftsmanship presentations, both at the national and universal level. A portion of the vital shows in which he showed his masterpieces incorporate the Biennales in Paris in 1971, the Documenta in Kessel in 1975, and the workmanship displays of Venice in the year 1978.

In his sparkling profession which has traversed more than 50 years, Jatin Das has had in excess of 68 solo displays. In the middle of 1965 to 1991 alone, Jatin Das sorted out thirty seven solo displays, both national and worldwide. Fourteen restricted versions of his subject based illustrations and conte illustrations have been shown in nations like India, Germany and in the U.K. A large number of his works have been unloaded at renowned sell-offs like Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Osian’s. Throughout the years, he has likewise contributed towards workmanship through remarkable wall paintings and figures.

He has likewise filled in as a consultant to numerous private and government associations. Jatin Das likewise filled in as the Consultant to the Handicraft Board for the seven northeastern states in India, for the ‘Celebration of India’ sorted out in Russia. Jatin Das has additionally been on the jury board for the National Film Festival. He is one of the originator individuals from ‘The Poetry Society’, New Delhi. He additionally established the JD Center of Art, and fills in as its Chairman. JD Center of Art is a private non-business foundation, which goes for advancing contemporary and customary visual and plastic arts.The great structure, which was planned by the renowned modeler BV Doshi, remains at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Instructing Career

In the year 2008, Jatin Das filled in as a teacher at the notable Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi. From the year 2009 to 2011, he functioned as visiting educator at a similar college. This time around, he was incorporated as one of the individuals from Faculty of Fine Arts. He has additionally filled in as a meeting teacher in various renowned universities and schools including National School of Drama, School of Planning and Architecture, College of Art and National Institute of Design.

Noticeable Works

Throughout the years, Jatin Das has made a large group of artistic creations, the vast majority of which are untitled. The absolute most noticeable ones that have been named are recorded beneath:

Wrapped Woman – This is an oil painting which sits lovely on a medium which is Masonite in nature.

Shakti – This picture speaks to the Indian Goddess Shakti.

Association – As the name recommends, this sketch delineates a discussion amongst man and a lady.

Sringar – This workmanship depicts a lady, who during the time spent getting dressed gazes at a mirror.

Krishna – To depict the Hindu God Krishna, Jatin has utilized splendid blue shading, which is very uncommon among all his different works.

Radha Krishna – This excellent workmanship speaks to the harmony of Radha and Krishna.

Ganpati – As the name proposes, this is a mind blowing portrayal of Hindu divinity Ganesh. The strokes utilized here are very exceptional, notwithstanding for a Jatin Das work.

Radhika – This as well, delineates the harmony of Krishna and one of his lady friends, Radhika.

The Presence – The nearness delineates a man. The work of art is done on paper utilizing silk screen.

Lady in Stance – This one demonstrates an excellent lady in her standard yet engaging position.

Traditional Torso – Classical Torso speaks to a lady, wearing an unordinary headgear. This specific piece is finished utilizing a conte.

Significant Shows

Jatin Das has had various shows in and outside India. His artistic creations have been shown everywhere throughout the world, which incorporates various solo shows too. A portion of the unmistakable ones are given underneath:

Biennale, Cuba, Havana – This Biennale was the second of its kind and was held in the year 1985.

Asian Biennale, Bangladesh – His fine arts were shown at the third Asian Biennale in the year 1985.

Septieme Biennale de Paris – This specific Biennale was held in France in the year 1971.

VII British International Print Biennale – This was held in Bradford, UK in the year 1982. This is considered as a standout amongst the most renowned Biennales.

Tokyo Biennale – Jatin’s works were shown at the fifteenth International Art Show held at Japan in the year 1984.

The Artists Alley Gallery – He held a performance appear at San Francisco, USA in the year 2009.

Chelsea Arts Club – This was again one of his performance appears, held in London in the year 2009.

His Style

Jatin Das appears to be an inventive craftsman who dependably endeavors to discover new and dynamic methods for portraying human figures. His depictions essentially rotate around the different parts of a man-lady relationship, for example, emergency, contacts, revelations, enthusiastic pressures, and so on. The treatment of human structures in the artworks of Jatin Das is uncommonly extraordinary and the hues appear to be accused of the passionate tinges. The direct game plan and energetic brushwork additionally adds a one of a kind measurement to his artistic creations. As a general rule, he utilizes ink, oil hues, water hues and conte (hard colored pencil made of mud) to offer life to the characters that he paints.


Padma Bhushan – In the year 2012, he was regarded with the renowned Padma Bhushan by the administration of India

Utkala Award – He won the Utkala grant, which was displayed to him by the Bengal Governor in 2006.

Bharat Nirman Award – He was regarded with this renowned honor in 2007

Altruistic Works

Jatin Das went to twelve craftsman camps and four workshops and offered his stunning fine arts to fourteen philanthropy appears in India. A few different works of his have been given to philanthropy associations in and around India, including remote nations. Amid the 1999 tornado, that influenced most parts of Odisha, Jatin initiated the help endeavors in numerous towns.

Individual Life

Jatin Das wedded Varsha Das however the two later isolated. The couple was honored with two youngsters, Nandita Das and Siddhartha Das. Their little girl, Nandita Das, proceeded to end up a renowned on-screen character, winning esteemed honors. Very little data is accessible on Jatin Das’ own life with the exception of the way that he scorns the manner in which contemporary craftsmanship is taking care of business in India and around the globe.

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